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Go Green Go Clean

August 14, 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic crisis taught us to value a clean and green world.

Here are 10 Helpful Tips to Go Green Go Clean:

  1.  Bring your own Reusable Water Bottles and have your own Water Purifier instead of disposable plastic water bottles.


2.  Use non-toxic, natural and safe cleaning products.

ForceOfNatureClean 3

3.  Use Natural, Non-Toxic, Environmental Friendly Skin Care Products



4.  Use Bio-degradable Products. 

BioGlitter1st Bioglitter in the World

5.  Use Cloth Diaper instead of Disposable Diaper (as Disposable Diaper can contain cancer-causing dioxin). 

Cloth Diaper 2Organic Cloth Diapers

6.  Reduce carbon footprint of office/school supplies like ink and toner cartridges.

Tomato InkInk and Toner Refill

7.  Use Safe, Sustainable, Ethical Products. 

World’s 1st Biodegradable Sunglasses

Green Kid CraftsGreen STEAM Crafts

Plush Bed

Aroma 2

Stray and Wanter

Recycled Glass and Board

8.  Patronize Natural, Organic, Sustainable, Environmental Friendly Food and Drinks. 

Farm Fresh To You

Fire Cider

C60 Oil


Green Pomegranate

Catalina Crunch

Keep Healthy


Wild Earth

PupJoy Treat

*Wysong logo

9.  Go Green.  Go Clean Energy.  Go Solar. 

SunPower Corporation -

Go Green Solar

Solar AC

Solar Cooler

Solar Street LIght

Solar String Lights

10.  Have your own Food Medicine Garden and Haven. 



Chef's Medley Mesclun Lettuce Seeds


Leon And George


Safe, Organic Insecticide for Vegetables

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